Hi!  My name is Laura Luthy.  I’m honored that you are visiting my site.  Obviously you are looking for something… Maybe I can help.


 I know these affirmations to be true and so can you!  Are you ready to become more than you are now?  If you feel there is more to life and are ready to feel more peace, joy and confidence but are unsure of how to get there you might be interested in what I have to share.


This life can be like barren, infertile soil where the seeds of self are not able to fully germinate and flourish.  Lack of nurture, love, support or protection thwart our best efforts to grow.


The harsh elements of trauma, conflict, loss and illness can create the weeds of fear, false beliefs, guilt, non forgiveness, resentment and even bitterness.  Left to grow, these low vibration energy weeds continue to choke out the higher, lighter vibrations of truth. Our growth is stunted further due to lack of much needed light.


When the lower resonating negative energy is released, like pulling weeds, we allow a rise in our vibrations.  The true light is then accessed. We begin to blossom, becoming what those divine seeds of potential know is possible.


SimplyHealed is a non-invasive, easy and safe way to release these low level vibrations.  It can be used for persons of any age.  Because energy is not limited by time or distance a session can be done one on one or over the phone with equal success. Once a shift has freed us up to be the best we can be, we will attract to us situations, events and people of a higher vibration.

Why wait any longer? Let’s get going…Start wherever you are, I am ready where I am…The really beautiful part of this whole thing is that when I help you, you help me…we allow each other to become what we were meant to be.


Let’s grow together, before any more doubt, distraction or discouragement robs us of the truth of who we really are.
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Visit SimplyHealed now for more information.


Laura Luthy
(208) 313-4529 firstopinion14@gmail.com

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