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So, maybe a little about me so you can get to know me…I’m probably a lot like you.  I’ve had quite a normal life, some ups, some downs.  I’ve had some pretty significant health challenges.  I’ve had some losses and heartache.  I’ve had some beautiful times.  I’ve learned some things and continue learning the things I still need to know.  I believe in keeping an open mind, being grateful, obedient and humble.


I love to learn! Did I set out to be an energy healer?  No, I didn’t even know what the term meant ten years ago.  I didn’t find energy healing, it found me.  I am so glad it did because my life has been changed!  Many questions have been answered and each new gem of knowledge is like finding that elusive piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

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I began training under Steven Fountaine using an IQS  machine.  He and his wife, Cynthia,  continue to be mentors and friends.  My little business, First Opinion Discovery Center LLC began in 2010 and has continued growing. It is a source of great enjoyment as I see lives changing for the better.  I am a distributor for Smarterdrops, Double Helix Water, Life Zone and Essential Mother Earth products. (don’t forget to look at my products page)

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While attending a wellness symposium, I heard Carolyn Cooper present and when she spoke of generational healing, something said “you need to know this”.  I trained with her to become a certified SimplyHealed Practitioner.  I love the ease and beauty of this modality!  I love helping people! What a delight to see the evolution as energies are released and truth emerges.


I graduated from Quantum University on October 31,2015 with a Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences. This has been a great experience! I am amazed with the knowledge awaiting us if we just look for it. I have a life long quest for learning. Continuing to grow in my understanding of energy work, I have also taken courses from Courtney Beardall and am currently working with Kim Watts in her Master program.  I feel like tools are important.


I have strong marriage and family beliefs.  I love the good man I am married to (for 30 years, yay!!) our three daughters, two son-in-laws and three wonderful granddaughters (oh, and we have a sweet little Mini Daushaund, Gunther, can’t leave him out). I am an advocate for https:// www.marriage-enrichment.org. check them out if you need some additional ideas to strengthen your relationships.  I believe that the greatest lessons and joys of life are found in our families.


You can find me enjoying a nice sunny day with friends and family, on the beach, snorkeling, hiking, planting flowers, quilting or just playing with my granddaughters.


I would love to get to know you.  I am fascinated by the stories of others.  I learn so much.  We learn together.

Laura Luthy
(208) 313-4529 firstopinion14@gmail.com

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