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“I was so down on myself, after the session it gave me hope and reason in life.  I felt like I was alive.  It was a blessing!”

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“Thank you for clearing whatever it was.  It really worked and very fast too.  I really appreciate your help!”

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“I don’t know what happened in your office the other day, but I had more relief and change in one hour than I have had in many years of counseling…Thank you…”


“I visited Laura after years of serious allergy problems.  Prior to visiting her, I had tried every method imaginable to get rid of my allergies.  Honestly, during the visit I felt slightly uncomfortable, as it was so new to me.  However, I tried to be open to what she said. A few days later everything that had been blocking my sinuses seemed to clear all at once.  Since then, I have never had allergies.  I don’t fully understand the details behind the session, but I am positive that it worked.”

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Laura Luthy
(208) 313-4529 firstopinion14@gmail.com

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